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Post by Wind Song Sat Oct 27, 2012 3:24 pm

Well, it seems we have many member who wants to make events. That great!

However, since there are so many who wants to make them, they seem to be hesitant to begin due to fear of stepping on each other toes. Well there is 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, and I know we can have multi events in a single day, so here are some basic guidelines for you event hosts:

1). Post a start of an event a min of two hours before or after the already posted event. From what I have seen, most events last for 30mins to an hour. This two hour rule will allow members to enjoy one event without feeling rushed into another. This will also allow for any delays that may pop up during an event and give members a break from events between. If for some reason the host feels that the event may take longer than the two hour rule... then either talk to the person hosting after you to maybe reschedule theres or post an event on an empty day and say it will take longer than the two hours. However I dont believe many will... some dueling contest and races in dugeons will, but if you are posting after those, just take it among yourself to push your own event back.

2) Dont post the same event. If there is a cc already posted, put yours on the next day. I know I personally dont want to go to 3 or 4 cc back to back, and Im sure there are those of you who wouldnt either. It will make it repeative, and overall boreing. But since this is a 24 hour game, and time zones are an issue, I believe a min of 12 hours between the same type of event should cover most clashes.

3). Dont spam post. There is an option to post your event weekly or just the one time. Please.. just post the single time. If you post the event weekly, then it become very hard to see new posts.

4). Dont make it a pissing contest. Events are hard to put together. Usually someone has an idea and post on the event board, but never follows up with it and so they get angry if no one shows. If you want a sucessful event it takes work, but here are somethings you can do to make it better: post in the event board, talk about it in the chats, post in the fourm, pm people the day or two before and reminding them, be creative, sg wide emails (look below about sg wide emails), change your time of hosting events (not all times are equal), ask someone who has more sucess for help and/or advice, chage the type of event hosted, and change your audiance (in sg vs out of sg events). For the sucessful events, the host does alot of footwork. Dont just assume people like them/me better. Unless you daily look at the event board, there is no way to know about events. If you have an sucessful event and the other person didnt, dont rub it in their face.

5). Dont take over another event or make suggestions unless asked. Every host is responsible for their own event. That also means (if you dont have help) you are also responsible for the sucess or failure of the event you are hosting. I dont want to hear, "well if so and so didnt do that, I wouldnt have failed." That so and so shouldnt have an event the same as you on the same day, and they should be sticking to the 2hour rule. As a host, you stand solo. On the flip side, if a host wants the event to go this way, let them do it. Its not your event, so why care? If you want to host your own cc, dueling contest, race, etc.. then do it. Another host or member have no rights to tell a host how to run their event. I dont want to hear that a member has "taken over my event." Whoever is the host name, thats who the event belongs to. If the host says, "get out of my event" respect them enought to leave them on their own. Every person is at one time or another new at hosting, I would suggest that they look for suggestions and/or help, but its not nessary. Like everything, events are a learning curve and some people have to land on their face a few times before they learn to walk. As far as the members go: If the event is too confusing, complex, a sure failure, very one sided, etc... nonthing says you have to go. I would suggest that the host make the rules simple, not long winded, and dont be afraid to ask for help. I would, however, like every member to join every event possible. Nonthing in game can not wait for later. The bosses, dugeons, alerts, Adventure packs, nemcon, etc wil alll be there. They can wait to be killled long enough for you to enjoy some time with your pack mates.

6). Sg wide emails. I know most of those who want to do events can do sg wide emails. But if there are alot of events, and since we can only do i email every 24 hours... it maybe wise to send all events under one email, once a week. That will cut down on email spam and the whole "I was going to do one" issue.

7). In sg vs out of sg events. I personally like in sg events, those events that are only for the members of the EP/EB chat, but the importance of out of sg is something Im not blind to. It creates a name for the EP and can be a recruiting tool. Now, out of sg events are usually larger than in sg ones. I would like to see a mixture of in sg vs out of sg. I believe the members who want to do events are about 50/50, but dont feel that you have to do one or the other. Or that if one is larger than yours that it is better. Large event causes other issues, and can easily get out of control, and so, are not for everyone.

Cool. Dont restrict yourself to the ingame settings. As the EP, we have a facebook page (!/EternalBeasties), steam group, this fourm, and most have other games like TF2 and L4D... so expand out!

Ok, I think I covered just about everything. Suggestions / commits / concerns would be appreciated. But in a nutshell... respect each other and dont step on toes.
Wind Song
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