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Changes to the ranks of the Super Group

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Changes to the ranks of the Super Group Empty Changes to the ranks of the Super Group

Post by Sabur Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:47 am

The Ranks of the Eternal Pack Super group have been changed. The leads of the Super group have
heard from you, its members and decided to help improve how the ranks are and to help improve how
the ranks are and to help with the atmosphere.

First off, we have removed two of the ranks as we thinks having eight ranks was a bit much. We now
have six current ranks within the Super group and have also expanded on how promotion and demotion
will go.

We have also changed some of the officers around and put in active ones as Templar rank. This rank isnt
anything special above the others, its mainly the officers of the Super Group. They are there to make people feel welcomed to our ever growing home of furries. They are also the back ups to the three leaders of the Super Group; Sabur@SaburFang, Marshall Westing@MarshallTheFox, and Windsong@Shadowkat83 incase we aren't present, in order to help maintain stability and friendliness. But dont think this is all on them though, the friendly atmosphere all depends on you, the members of Eternal Pack! We, together help make the Super group whole as we are family Very Happy.

[Changes to the ranks from highest to lowest]


All newcomers will begin at Commoner Rank. At level 20, you will be promoted to knight rank. Here you will be given access to the Super Group Bank to help deposit and withdraw money and items. The limit of money you are allowed to take out will be starting at 25G. Once you reach level 40, you will be given paladin rank. Here your limit withdrawn from the bank will be increased to 50G. Dragon rank at the moment is reserved for old members who have been with the Super Group since it's earliest days.

Our newest officers in Templar rank include;


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