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Important Rules & Guidelines Regarding Uniforms

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Important Rules & Guidelines Regarding Uniforms Empty Important Rules & Guidelines Regarding Uniforms

Post by Janet Green Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:11 pm

With the advent of uniforms in the group a lot of members have been asking questions. Is it mandatory? What is required in a uniform? what if I don't have the space for a uniform. I thought it would be useful to compile all rules and guidelines for uniforms in one spot for easy reference, as well as a Q and A for frequently asked questions.

Q: Are uniforms Mandatory?

A: No. We understand that not everyone has spare costume slots to dedicate to a group uniform and we're obliging of that. Even if you simply don't want to make a group uniform, you will not be punished for choosing to not make it. Uniforms are merely encouraged, not enforced.

Q: When must uniforms be worn?
A: Generally you can wear your uniform whenever you want. However, uniforms are recommended to be worn for SG events and gatherings predominantly. You may also want to wear it if you're seeking to recruit new members into the SG. You will not be punished for not wearing it, though.

Guidelines for making a Uniform

Style: Style can be whatever you want it to be. Battle Armor, tights, jeans and jacket, Indian attire, whatever you want. Make it fit with your character.

Colors: the dominant colors must be white and blue, the Super Group's colors. secondary colors can be most anything, as long as they don't distract from the primary colors of the outfit.

Emblem: Emblems are not required, but are encouraged. If you chose to have an emblem on your uniform it must be the emblem of the super group, the pawprint.

If you have any other questions that this does not answer please don't hesitate to reply and I'll answer you as quickly as possible.
Janet Green
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